Additive ManufacturingAdditive Manufacturing - AM (Printed metal)

The 4th industrial revolution is changing the landscape of how we manufacture. Parts are designed with extreme critical, flight safety requirements and must hold very tight tolerances. To do so, parts are now additively printed using multiple methods from electron beam powder bed fusion, laser powder bed, metal fused deposition, wire arc energy, binder jetting, and many more.

These 3D printed components depending on its use act differently than cast alloy or typical welded product. To verify the integrity of the printed part X-Ray and Computed Tomography has shown high levels of capability in both development and production environments. For development, the printed part can be scanned and then 3D/CT reconstructed to allow overlay with the CAD or design model. The ability to have metrology functions such as critical wall thickness measurements internal to the part where CMM or visible light scanning cannot is highly valuable in many industries. To determine part failure analysis X-ray and CT can easily classify porosity, voids, lack of fusion, and unfused residue powder with Pinnacle’s software and system technique tools.

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