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2D and 3D CT X-Ray Inspection Systems for the Aerospace Industry2D & 3D CT X-Ray Inspection

Precision is key when it comes to the aerospace industry – failure is not an option, and reliability is crucial. Services such as industrial Computed Tomography (CT) and digital X-ray technology are used as a metrology tool as well as for anomaly detection in products during certain stages of production.

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The Aerospace industry integrates some of the most quality critical products than any other market. Whether it’s a small electronic sensor or an entire composite helicopter rotor blade, our X-ray and Computed Tomography Systems are designed for efficiency and repeatability to ensure your equipment functions safely and correctly each and every time.

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Aerospace CT scan examples

X-Ray of a Honey Comb
X-Ray of a Connector
X-Ray of a Honey Comb
X-Ray of a Connector

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