Comprehensive 2D / 3D Imaging Inspection Services. Unparalleled 24/7 support.

From 2D and 3D imaging to forensic engineering, PXS offers inspection services that help your business avoid future product issues as well as determine current product flaws. Our goal, as always, is to help you bring your work closer to perfection. Our advanced visualization systems create high-resolution images that aid in cutting down product error and production costs – all without cutting into the objects themselves.

Within each level of service that we offer, there are additional services that are available to meet the needs of our diverse client base.

Digital Radiography (DR/2D)

High-resolution microfocus realtime or static imaging

High-speed realtime imaging with frame rates up to 5,000/sec.

In-motion realtime imaging capturing products in operation

Computed Tomography (CT/3D)

True 3D x-ray imaging of the internal configuration of parts

Expert failure analysis based on the results of the CT scanning

Assistance with product development thru industry experts

Advanced CT software processing including Void Analysis, Wall-thickness analysis and Part-to-Part and Part-to-CAD comparisons

First-article inspections and expert metrology analysis

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