efXCT The most advanced NDT software for 3D and 4D x-ray systems

efX-CT the Most Advanced NDT Software for 3D and 4D X-Ray Systems

efX-CT Software is the Easiest, Fastest and Most Complete Industrial CT Software on the Market.

efX-CT software is Windows 8.1 based (Windows 7 and XP supported).



efX-CT Software Exclusively Featuring:

  • Automatic Parallelization for systems with multiple CPU’s and GPU’s
  • 5-step guided wizard for easy CT reconstruction
  • 5-step guided wizard for easy CT reconstruction
  • Unique geometry and dimensional calibration, exceeds system/mechanical precision
  • on-proprietary data formats, handles broad range of input formats

efX-CT software spray nossle example

efX-CT NDT Software for 3d and 4D CT X-Ray Systems

efX-CT Package Includes:

Full software license, High-end, multi-processor CT reconstruction and 3D, visualization workstation and Complete user guide, documentation and calibration tools.

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efX-CT Software Specs

efX-CT Package Includes

  • Full software license
  • High-end, multi-processor CT reconstruction and 3D
  • visualization workstation
  • Complete user guide, documentation and calibration tools

efX-CT Software Includes:

  • User friendly volume viewer;
  • 2D Viewer: efX-view for X-ray images and CT slices
  • CT slices stack import
  • Compatible 2D formats include BMP, TIFF, DICOM, DICONDE and most standard formats
  • Automated focal spot drift compensation
  • Volume format conversion capabilities
  • Advanced CT mode for full access to all CT reconstruction parameters
  • Filters on projections for noise and artefact correction
  • Unique ultra-fast 3D preview of CT reconstructions
  • Region of Interest CT reconstruction
  • Job list – process all CT reconstructions in a queue
  • Interactive density segmentation
  • Real time multi-slicing (up to six planes) with measurements
  • Volume resizing, cropping and reorienting
  • Imperial and Metric measurement systems
  • Beam hardening correction
  • Surface extraction with export to STL, OBJ, DXF, WRL, PLY, etc.
  • No limitation in reconstruction size and resolution
  • Easy screen capture, video recording and exporting of x/y/z slices
  • Production mode with automated reconstruction

CT Reconstruction Algorithms Available in efX-CT:

  • Cone-Beam (FDK) conventional and vorteX
  • Fan-Beam

Options Include:

  • GPU acceleration package with NVIDIA supercomputer hardware
  • High capacity high speed storage with hardware RAID support
  • Geomagic, VGStudioMAX and/or Avizo software packages for more advanced CT processing

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