ImagiX Affordable X-Ray Solutions

Affordability and Simplicity in X-Ray Computed Technology

The ImagiX is our most compact system. The system can be configured as a desktop unit or a freestanding system. The generous scanning envelope can handle products up to 5” in size making it a great choice for laboratories or R&D applications.



ImagiX System Overview

X-Ray of a Plastic Part

ImagiX X-Ray Solutions

Common Applications & Markets

Electronics - Food - Medical Devices - Plastics - Research and Museums

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ImagiX System Specs

System Capabilities

  • Advanced 2D X-ray inspection
  • 2D CT Slice reconstruction
  • CT volume reconstruction for 3D inspection
  • 3D internal and external surface scanning
  • 5” (12cm) diameter  x 5” (12cm) tall nominal part envelope

CT Software

  • Comprehensive acquisition, processing and archival program with user-friendly interface
  • Automated CT calibration software
  • Very fast reconstruction software with option for Graphic Card based algorithm
  • Local CT and Limited angle CT reconstruction capabilities
  • 3D visualization module with real-time volume rendering, density segmentation, & high performance measurements
  • 3D surface model export for CAD compatibility
  • Multiple image formats input/output

X-Ray Source

  • Micro-focus X-ray tube
  • Voltage Range: 10kV – 150 kV
  • Focal Spot Size : < 5 microns
  • Maximum system resolution: better than 5 microns

X-Ray Detector

  • Digital X-ray detector types: Flat Panel or Image Intensifier
  • Detector Size: up to 8’’ x 10’’ (20cm x 25cm)


  • Maximum Sample Weight: 10 lbs (4.5kg)
  • 4 Axis of Scan Travel (customization available) : Focal Distance : 24’’ (61cm) Vertical : 7.5’’ (19cm) (*Exact measurements vary depending on tube, detector and optional configurations)
  • Rotational stage with high precision
  • Optional motion controlled 3 axis 


  • External Dimension: 57’’ Wide, 30’’ Deep, 58’’ Tall (144cm Wide, 76cm Deep, 147cm Tall)
  • Cabinet Features: interior lighting, sliding access door, leaded glass viewing window
  • Meets or exceeds 21 CFR 1020.40 and EN 61010-2-091 2012
  • System includes one ergonomic desk and chair

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