X7000 Modular and Robust X-Ray Solutions

Modular and Robust X-Ray Computed Technology

The X7000 is our largest standard system. The optional independent horizontal (x-axis) travel of the tube and detector allow for unparalleled inspection capabilities of an elongated object. The system is great for composites, castings, pipes, tubes, welds and similar parts.



X7000 System Overview

X7000 Interior View

X7000 X-Ray Solution Interior View

X7000 Digital Radiography and Computed Tomography System

X7000 X-Ray Systems

Common Applications & Markets

Areospace - Automotive - Castings - Medical Devices - Research and Museums

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X7000 System Specs

System Capabilities

  • X-ray Energies from 10kV-450kV
  • Geometric Magnification: Greater than 2000x
  • Capable of scanning large components
  • 60” (152cm) diameter  x 60” (152cm) tall nominal part envelope

CT Software

  • Comprehensive acquisition, processing and archival program with user-friendly interface
  • High performance image processing and measurement functions • Non-proprietary multiple image format output/input. DICONDE compliant
  • Automated program functions for fast analysis
  • Multiple window interface for display of raw image, processed image, density data, etc.
  • Computed Tomography acquisition module
  • Optional 3D & 4D Computed Tomography acquisition module
  • Available with vorteX, subpiX and mosaiX

X-Ray Source

  • Voltage Range: 10kV-450kV
  • X-ray Tube Types: Transmission or Directional Micro-focus, Mini-focus
  • Optional dual tube configuration

X-Ray Detector

  • Digital X-ray Detector Types: Flat Panel (DDA), Linear Diode Array (LDA)
  • Flat Panel Detector Size: Up to 16” x 16” (40cm x 40cm) 
  • LDA size up to 36” (91cm)
  • Optional dual detector configuration


  • Maximum Sample Weight: 800lbs (362kg)
  • Scan Travel: Vertical = 60” (152cm), Horizontal = 120” (305cm), Z axis (source to detector) = 80” (203cm), Tilt = +30°/-30°, Rotation = 360° continuous (*Exact measurements vary depending on tube, detector and optional configurations)
  • Motorized detector travel for variable focal distance adjustment
  • Rotational stage indexes outside of the cabinet for easy part loading/unloading
  • Part Manipulation Control:
    • All drives variable speed joystick controlled  
    • Each axis is independently controlled
  • Options:
    • Control-X programmable CNC controlled automated scanning with automatic image processing and archiving capabilities
    • Lateral detector motion
    • Dual tubes and/or dual detectors
    • Additional X-axis for long component scanning


  • External Dimensions:
    • 156” Wide x 156” Deep x 125” Tall (396cm Wide, 396cm Deep, 317cm Tall) (varies depending on shielding)
  • Cabinet Features: Cable access ports with cover, interior lighting, powered bi-parting sliding access door (60” x 90” (172cm x 228cm) door opening), internal camera monitoring system, safety light curtains
  • Steel/lead/steel construction
  • Meets or exceeds 21 CFR 1020.40 and EN 61010-2-091 2012
  • Touch screen operation
  • Includes one ergonomic desk and chair

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